Sunday, March 8, 2009

If I could buy stock in Ann Coulter...

I have not read much by Ann Coulter and I have usually found her too strident for my tastes. However, when I read her put-down of Keith Olbermann, I realized just how terrifically gifted she is as a polemicist. Even if you do not like what she says, you should recognize the skill she has at her craft.

If I could, I would buy stock in Coulter and sell short Olbermann. Coulter should do very well in the next few years because an audience will develop for her, those who are frustrated and alienated by President Obama and the Democratic Congress. On the other hand, people like Olbermann and Rachel Maddow will probably struggle because they, like Coulter, are best at attacking, and their audience, those frustrated and alienated by former President Bush and the Republicans who controlled Senate and House, will diminish. If there were only five Republican senators and ten Republican congressmen, they would still rail against the evil Republicans, but when the Democrats are so firmly in control of the centers of power in the country, only the delusional can keep blaming Republicans for the world's problems. On the hand, that control by the Democrats will present virtually unlimited targets for a polemicist as skilled as Coulter.

People on the right will be demanding catharsis in the next few years, not people on the left.

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