Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Young entrepreneurs

The Wall Street Journal reports an increase in college graduates becoming entrepreneurs because of the bad job market:
Of course, young entrepreneurs also are likely to face their own hurdles. "Having the skill set to become an entrepreneur is different than any thing you learn in school," says Susan Amat, the executive director of the Launch Pad at the University of Miami, an entrepreneurship-support program based out of the campus career center.
To that end, it's important for young entrepreneurs to seek the necessary help to get started. For current students or recent graduates, it might be easiest to reach out for assistance on campus. Many schools have campus incubators or offer start-up competitions, like Babson College's annual Entrepreneurship Forum, which offers cash, consulting, legal and Web services to winning business plans. Other schools have business incubators that help students—and sometimes outsiders—hone business ideas and, in some cases, support them financially or with other resources.

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Lou said...

There is help out there for kids and teens to start and run their own businesses. It's at www.bizinaboxx.com. Kids as young as 7 can indeed become entrepreneurs and have fun doing it.

My son who is 11 has used the Biz in a Boxx to learn business skills and now has a business that is actually making a profit.

His confidence is growing and he is learning how to make sound judgments not just for business, but throughout his life.

It's a great product to help prepare our kids for the real world of entrepreneurship especially since they won't get this knowledge in the traditional school curriculum.