Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ignore Sarah Palin Week

This is an Ignore Sarah Palin Week:
That's right -- February 27-March 5 is officially, "Ignore Sarah Palin Week."   For just one week, signers of this petition pledge to do the following:
  • Change the channel if she comes on TV
  • Surf to another page if she pops up on the web
  • Turn to another article if she appears in a newspaper, magazine, comic book, etc.
Questions: If you really are ignoring Sarah Palin, why would you go to a web page devoted to Sarah Palin?  Doesn't signing the petition violate point two of the pledge? If you really want to ignore her, wouldn't it be better to just ignore her?

Sarah Palin is frequently in the news because the Left is obsessed with her--they scrutinize everything she says and does. That kind of scrutiny might make sense for an important public official (though Obama does not get it), but it does not for a private citizen.

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