Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some statistics

I was showing my son some statistics about this blog a few days ago and he noticed that it had over 1000 page views. Since my normal traffic is about 4 per day, I had to find out what was happening. I found the answer here.

A few days earlier I had some publicity for another blog I write in the Lafayette Journal and Courier. The effect of this newspaper publicity was not clearly visible on (which is not available to the public). My conclusion: if you want more online traffic, online publicity is far more effective than old media publicity.

About a month ago I put cluster maps on both my cybereconomics blog and on my cybereconomics textbook table of contents. My map on the blog now represents viewers who found me via Megan McArdle. They are almost entirely from the U.S. In contrast, my free textbook has a large number of viewers from other countries. says about 40% of the textbook viewers are from outside the U.S.

I suspect that none of this is likely to be of interest to anyone other than to me.

Have a Happy New Year.

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