Thursday, April 23, 2009

The anti-choice forces win a victory

There have been a number of opinion makers very critical of the decision by President Obama and the Congress to kill the voucher program in Washington D.C. George Will wrote about it in today's Washington Post.
As the president and his party's legislators are forcing minority children back into public schools, the doors of which would never be darkened by the president's or legislators' children, remember this: We have seen a version of this shabby act before. One reason conservatism came to power in the 1980s was that in the 1970s liberals advertised their hypocrisy by supporting forced busing of other people's children to schools the liberals' children did not attend.
This is a topic on which I want to write, but do not have the time right now. Maybe in the next month I will be able to sketch out my theory as to why the voucher program has problems attracting political support even though, based on theory and some evidence, it is a program that we should adopt if we are serious about helping the poor.

Update: The Washington Post supports vouchers!

Update 2: Reason TV has a video on the issue.

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