Saturday, April 25, 2009

Same story?

From The Wall Street Journal:
Scientists have reprogrammed mature skin cells into an embryonic-like state by using proteins instead of genes, a key advance aimed at overcoming safety concerns in one of the hottest areas of biological research.

But because the cell extraction destroys the embryo, the technique has ignited much ethical controversy.
Scientists in the U.S. have made history as they have found a brand new, safer way to create embryonic stem cells.

There has been a great debate over the years due to safety concerns in regards to the development of embryonic stem cells, seen by many as the future of medicine.

What they have found is that by taking the cells and putting them in this protein solution, they can create their own embryonic stem cells which can be used effectively.

Is there any wonder why the public has no clue as to what the whole stem-cell debate is about?

(The safer issue--the new technique reprograms the cells using four proteins rather than four genes introduced with a virus.)

Update: Here is critiquing the story.

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