Thursday, October 30, 2008

Declining businesses

I attended a school event that mixed students and alumni Wednesday evening and had a couple of interesting conversations. One was with a student who is also a postal worker. She said that the U.S. Post Office may be conducting the first-ever layoffs soon. At present they were looking for voluntary retirements, but there were no incentives so there were few takers. People figured that if they waited, a better deal would be offered. She also said that those with under six years of seniority were in danger, but by the time they got the program actually working, she might have the six years of seniority. Finally, she said that they had received a letter suggesting that one of the presidential candidates might be more likely to a governmental solution, but could not remember which candidate they were recommending. Here is the story from a source on the internet.

The other noteworthy conversation was with a recent graduate who had gone to work for a newspaper. He decide that there was little future in the newspaper business so had switched to another line of work.

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