Monday, February 9, 2009

A man destroys himself on national TV

One of the very few network shows I occasionally watch is Wife Swap. It looks like it is partially staged, but only partially. Last week I saw the most obnoxious jerk to ever appear on television. I searched for reaction on the Internet the next day, but could not find any. There is quite a bit now, as this piece suggests.
San Francisco residents Stephen Fowler, a venture capitalist, and Renee Stephens, a weight-loss therapist, disastrously appeared on ABC's Wife Swap, confirming every stereotype one might have about the city's precious, spoiled environmentalists. Boy, they're sorry!
It was both painful and funny to watch him. Painful because he was so abusive, funny because he acted in such a stupid manner but was so sure that he was brilliant. I guess even the best credentials in the world are no guarantee that the possessor is not a complete idiot.

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