Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not postpartisan yet

I was reading the news last night and stumbled on an article about McCain and Palin returning to life after the election on an abcnews blog. Palin was trying to be gracious in defeat:
And God bless Barack Obama and his beautiful family and the new administration coming in. It is time that we all pulled together and worked together and America’s going to reach her destiny.
Most of the comments were from Palin supporters and expressed their appreciation for her efforts. But there were also a lot of comments from Palin foes that surprised me with their ungraciousness. Here are some examples:
What a slimey greasy low life piece of trailer trash SHE turned out to be. Opportunistic, hateful, devisive, deluded.....everything that is wrong with the GOP. It's a real treat to watch the destruction of the repuglican party....and it happened from inside!

good riddance

Palin, don't let the door hit ya' where the Lord split ya', wink...wink

Maybe her plane will crash on the way back to Alaska. "YES WE CAN!"

Make sure she takes that white trash family back with her.

Great!!! now she can go back to palling around with her seperatist husband and new found right wing nut buddies in Alaska. I feel bad for Alaska. They actually got a raw deal. I suspect she will appoint herself in the senate to be Stevens replacement when she throws him under the bus.

Sarah Palin is an ignorant and a raving maniac.... I heard she had temper tantrums with her staff.. I am ashamed that she didn't stop the hateful rallies when the crowd started chanting terroist! She DOES NOT HAVE FAMILY VALUES! She is a cutthoat and a despicble human being with a shrill voice. What was McCain thinking?Go home Sarah! You are full of yourself and I can't stand her!

Palin is such airhead! Can you imagine if that retard had gotten in?

Could we be lucky enough to never hear of her again or hear that awful voice.

Now all we have to do is impeach her & then I'll be happy. Not scared of her - just annoyed that such an imbecile had the audacity to think that could wing her way into the big leagues.

Good Riddance Caribou Barbie. Maybe the French president Sarkosy will give you a ring.

Dear Sarah Palin, You are on minute 16 of your 15 minutes. Please, get on your chopper, shoot some wolves and be on your merry way.

Good riddance to the nasty old man and the little girl moron from the great backwater of Alaska.

What a mistake McCain made was evident the first time Sarah opened her mouth. She proved she was not really intelligent about the world and her use of the english language was like one would use in a bowling league. Too bad, so sad the Republican heirarchy made such a mistake with McCain.
There were quite a few comments about the inappropriateness of these kinds of comments, including these:
Seriously, fellow Obama supporters. Let's show a little more class. Yeah, she may not have been ready to be vice president. But she won't be vice president, so relax. She was gracious in defeat; let's be gracious in victory.

"We are the change we have been waiting for." I read the many ungracious and vicious comments here, and I am very afraid of the change that "we are." The press said McCain and Palin stirred up hate--but what stirred up the hate and bitterness that is so evident among the Obama supporters here?
Finally, I do not understand why ABC quotes her in this way:
"Alaska can lead this effort, and as governor I wanna be there on the forefront helping to make this nation more secure."
They do not do that to other politicians.

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