Friday, November 14, 2008

Freegan meat

From the Rensselaer Republican newspaper of November 14, 2008 (A-10):
Road Kill
The Jasper County Sheriff's Department has a road kill list, where interested parties can sign up to be notified if a deer is killed on the highway... You must provide your name, phone number and areas you are willing to go pick up the animal carcass. A deer kill slip will be provided to recipient. There are no fees for this process. Also, the deer will not count toward the hunting limit for the year. The recipient is responsible for his or her own deer processing.
If I knew how to process a deer, my name would be on that list. The locker plants in the area charge $50 to process a deer. (Also, we just purchased a quarter of a steer, so we probably would not have room in the freezer even if I did know how to process it.)

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