Wednesday, November 19, 2008

xmas gifts

In an e-mail discussion of Christmas gifts, one of my sons (who must have way to much time on his hands) found the Slingshot Flying Cow With Moo Sound. It is described in this way:
They work like a slingshot and scream while flying. They are approximately 9" long and fly well over 50 feet. The harder you pull back, the further they will fly. Slingshot Cow flies with a mooing sound!

The Slingshot Flying Cow is nothing short of outrageous! The Cow can be shot long distances using his elastic arms. Put one finger in each of the hands' pockets, pull back and let go. The soft, furry Cow is funny with its big head and bulging eyes. As an added bonus, every time you shoot him, he lets out three loud mooing sounds. We don't know why he does this, he just does. If your office or home needs some seriously funny props, you'll love the Slingshot Flying Cow.

There are also slingshot frogs, chickens, pigs, ducks, and monkeys. I wonder who will be getting one this year.

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